The Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange
Building Branding

The Royal Exchange Manchester is a grade II listed building built in 1921. This iconic city block serves as a home to a theatre as well as many shops and caf├ęs.

We were asked to create branding that encapsulated the history and grandeur of the building, while bringing together the multi-funtional usage of the area into one cohesive logo.

Letterpress Typography

We worked with Typoretum to proof authentic, of-the-era, metal bock type that we could use within the logo.

The main typeface used is unique and when married together with key wayfinding information of the surrounding streets, forms an integral frame around the core delivery of the brand title of The Royal Exchange.

As well as the brand identity geared at communicating that The Royal Exchange is more than just a theatre building (it's an entire city block) we also designed a wayfinding and store map which sits at key locations around the building and online.