Punch Room - Lights

Client: Punch Room, EDITION London

Category: Print Design

“Light: the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible”.

Our second menu design for Punch Room at EDITION London takes inspiration from light. Hard-backed and perfect bound, the books content is printed on alternating cotton and trace papers allowing us to simulate the different states of transparency in each chapter: opaque, translucent and transparent.

Irridescent rainbow Mirri end papers and the use of metallic gold and silver ink throughout further reflect the theme of light and help to create a visually engaging contemporary cocktail menu.


To help readers navigate the menu we created a simple set of circular symbols to identify each chapter. Designed to represent the different states of transparency, the symbols are printed in the top corner of each drinks page as well as being repeated in black foil on the back cover.


The back of the book features a set of ‘secret’ drinks that can be revealed by utlising the trace paper page. Inspired by the scanimation technique the black bars printed on the trace paper page can be moved horizontally to reveal hidden messages and in this case - hidden drinks!