Branding, Signage and Retail

Pantechnicon is a journey of experiences inspired by Japanese and Nordic cultures and is housed in a beautiful listed building on Motcomb Street in Belgravia, London. Our brand identity encompasses a simple core lock-up device to highlight the coming together of these two cultures linked by centuries of shared belief systems and design aesthetics.

Reiventing retail the venture will house a family of architects, designers, curators, artists, craftsmen, mixologists, chefs, restauranteurs and global nomads and is set to open later in 2019. Having finalised the brand identity United Creatives will be working with the Pantechnicon team on a host of design, packaging, signage and art direction.

As well as delivering the title of Pantechnicon the brand form also works as a vessel to delivery pairings of imagery sampled or born from the opposing countries and their cultures. Here a dialogue is born of contrast and compliment with the use of emotive photography and graphic art.