Brand BrewDog

Client: BrewDog PLC
Category: Brand Identity / Label Design / Illustration

Our work for Brewdog commenced with a through-the-line restyle and sensitive rebranding exercise across all core beer label ranges, signage and points-of-sale. Our vision for the brand was to marry the craft of graphic design with the craft beer genre. This simple analogy resulted in a large portion of the design source material being created in a traditional letterpress typesetting studio.

Our first role in the rebrand was to establish three unique brand type styles that possess huge bar call legibility. We found a nameless sans serif vintage 'grot' and an accompanying condensed typeface used for descriptors sourced from old school lead type. Larger and more textured type was then used for the beer label art backgrounds. In addition to this we designed and created our own wooden blocks of the new BrewDog brand using a laser-etching process into small blocks of hardwood timber. It was great getting ink under our fingernails.

As part of our original scope of works we designed and supplied a digital brands guidelines media kit to BrewDog which was delivered in the form of a booklet linked to cloud-based media. This allows the in-house design teams to access the core design assets stored in a central media archive, one that can be easily primed when required.

In addition to establishing the look and feel of the new brand identity and providing an in-depth brand guidelines book we have also provided illustrations of key products and infographics such as for the beer making process.