Aylesbury Duck Vodka

Client: The 86 Co.

Category: Brand Identity / Drinks Label Design

A fun poke at everything vodka is not supposed to be, we invented a heroic brand mascot for The 86 Co. Aylesbury Duck is a truly noble woodland bird, well deserving of its own vodka and it can be seen flying around the rolling hills of England, frolicking in the Great Lake District or holding its own in a casserole. From a photo shoot at a duck pond in the bosom of the English countryside to tasting some delightful vodka-infused tea in downtown New York, we were involved in every aspect of the creation of this brand.


Another Vodka

In addition to the design of the bottle labels United Creatives also compiled a series of advertisements showcasing the key characteristics of the Aylesbury Duck brand which have subsequently been used in design for print, digital and at large format. Collaborating closely with our client and looking at the glut of fashionable and often chauvanistic and downright shallow marketing of new vodkas led us to truly believe that poking fun and having fun was the best way to go.