In addition to our love for design for print which encompasses vintage letterpress, large format digital, litho, flexo and silkscreen, we also work with a broader set of mediums that sees us go beyond traditional paper and ink to challenge the role of graphic design within the public realm.

Over the years United Creatives have produced public art-based graphic design projects that have incorporated graphic compressed concrete, kiln-fired vitreous enamel, carved typography in brass, slate and sustainable timber, graffiti rendered on listed buildings, narratives in cast iron and laser-cut, illustrated corten steel.

Our design approach has been greatly influenced by the early grounding in Dutch design of our Creative Director Chris Edmunds with an approach that is very much non-compartmentalised when compared to the English model. The translation of the English word 'designer' into the Dutch is 'vormgever', which literally means 'giver of form', a term not assigned to one given medium.

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Our Clients


  • “This is amazing, amazing, amazing. Simon and I are high-fiving over the phone.
    Malte Barnekow, The 86 Co.
  • “Funny and clever, Chris makes great work in the gaps that others leave behind. Graphic design for the spatial environment and a concern for craft. Who else makes savvy designs driven from this agenda? Think about it.
    Christian Barnes, Director at Vista Projects Ltd.
  • “These look FUCKING EPIC.
    Jonathan Downey, Street Feast
  • “Just want to say I’m so blown away with the new pack. I’ve got it printed, cut, stuck and sitting next to me on the desk and I’m so fucking amped about the whole thing.
    Tom Baker, Mr. Black
  • “One take Chris. You're like the Jay-Z of graphic design.
    Noshable Adam
  • “Just like to say a big thank you for all of your hard work on this. Not just for some great public art ideas but also for taking ownership of the document as well as undertaking these last changes to the report. I am sure all of your efforts have been noticed by the client and that United Creatives have a future role in the further development of the Ancoats Animation Programme.
    Tom Jonson, Associate Landscape Architect, URS Infrastructure & Environment UK Limited
  • “The response when people see the work for the first time is amazing. I cannot wait to take this live.
    Jason Whalley, Pernod Ricard
  • “Another UC masterpiece.
    Joe McGirr, The Boatyard Distillery
  • “We just heard from La Maison du Whisky that Whisky de Table won the award for Best Design at Cocktail Spirits. Great news!
    Katy Moore, Compass Box Whisky
  • “Thanks Chris; they do look the mutts nuts (the brass historical interpretation plaques). Looking forward to seeing them built into the finished job.
    Tim Wood, Director
    Murraywood Construction Ltd
  • “This is perfect, thanks Jordan.
    Alexandra Riley, Haymans
  • “Social Media mahoosive thumbs up from me.
    Declan McGurk, The Savoy
  • “This is too good.
    Adam Lawrence, Stevie Parle Restaurants
  • “I knew you were a creative genius, this looks great!
    Sarah Janes, Hayman’s
  • “First off, what brilliant work you did yesterday… we took a giant leap and I love the work and where we are at.
    Simon Ford, Fords Gin
  • “I think the new menu was a most inspirational design, enthusing the historic charm with today's elegant persona of The Ivy.
    Keith Donoghue - Member, The Club at the Ivy
  • “The new menu for the Club at The Ivy is absolutely stunning - a great example of how a sleuth of different ideas while connecting the dots come together in perfect execution. The illustrations and design are well associated to the period of the building and are nicely topped off with the rich detail.
    Mark Mason - via Identity Designed
  • “I love it. Especially the graphic. Go with it. It says everything and nothing.
    Sir John Hegarty
  • “The menu was launched on the 8th of March and has been incredibly successful, with lots of great comments about the design.
    Cas Oh, Head Bartender, The Ivy
  • “This is fucking brilliant!
    Jonathan Downey, The Rushmore Group
  • “I can't begin to tell you how good the Decadence bottle looks. And that is before the letterpress. You and Steve are genii.
    Chris Maybin, Compass Box Whisky
  • “Without your impeccable art directing skills, your late night wake up calls and your dependable execution to every last minute job request, we are certain the success of the World Insurance Forum event would have been questionable. In short you made us look good.
    Suzie Pewter, President WIF
  • “I think I just got an erection. Superb work mate.
    Zoe Gleeson, The Rushmore Group
  • “It's been an absolute pleasure working with you all... Sincere thanks from both Scott and myself for all your fantastic efforts over the last month, it's hugely appreciated.
    Robert Aspland, Director, LDA Design
  • “Absolutely fantastic! We are really chuffed to bits. This is one of those jobs that we wanted to get right. I hope this leads on to other projects with you guys. It's just sweeter printing well designed work!
    Mark, Ali & Mike, Blush Publishing Limited
  • “Awe. Some.
    Jonathan Downey, The Rushmore Group
  • “Our new handbook was much admired and I quote from the school Ofsted inspection report - the new prospectus offers a good picture of the school, its ethos and aims and is refreshingly brilliant!
    Alex Donaldson, Headmaster, The Minster School
  • “Our sales have grown each and every year, and your advice and creativity have ensured that the quality of our communications, marketing and packaging always matched the quality of the whisky in the bottle.
    John Glaser, Compass Box Whisky
  • “In my 25+ years design industry experience, Chris is without doubt one of the most talented designers I've had the pleasure of working with. An exceptional eye for detail and creative composition, his work was often a source of inspiration and held in high esteem by other agency members and clients alike.
    John Cowell, Designer, New York
  • “Working with Chris and his colleagues from United Creatives was a real pleasure. The company's flexible and adaptable approach to the brief resulted in an excellent product for the Larkin Trail in Hull.
    Libby Goodacre, RGM Yorkshire Royal Horticultural Society
  • “Chris combines innovative, stylish design with an unusually astute understanding of our brand values and commercial objectives. His honesty, flexibility and good humour make him a delight to work with.
    Chris Maybin, Compass Box Whisky
  • “We have had great fun working with Chris in Widnes and Walsall. In both cases distilling the essence of the place into branding and expressing this through public art and creative interventions in the town.
    David Rudlin, Urbed (Urbanism, Environment, Design)
  • “I've collaborated with Chris on a number of projects in the public arts sector and it has been an absolute pleasure. There are few people in the UK that have the ability to produce great design work beyond the printed page and Chris is one them. A true originator in the field of environmental graphics who combines knowledge, craftsmanship and sheer determination to produce stand-out pieces of public art.
    Jonathan Hill, Director of The Northern Block
  • “The process was straightforward and United Creatives were a pleasure to work with. The end product (school prospectus) was stylish and has attracted much favourable comment - even from the schools inspectorate (miraculous)!
    Headmaster at The Minster School, York
  • “Hey Chris – just wanted to drop you a quick little note to say how excited I am with how everything looks at the moment with most of it now locked down. I know it has been a long tough project but you have created something that is really awesome.
    James Watt, Captain, BrewDog plc
  • “Frickin awesome, really like it!!
    Harry Edmeades, Señor Ceviche
  • “Hei Chris!! Thank you very much! I’m really in love with this.
    Joan Hint, MiNu
  • “Chris, you rock!
    Jamie Grainger-Smith, TED
  • “FUCK ME… that is shit hot!
    David Carter, Smokestak
  • “Absolutely love it! The distressed look is bang on the money. Can tell synergy between the two brands yet different, and same brains behind it i.e. YOU!
    David Carter, Smokestak
  • “You guys are THE BEST.
    Rob MacKay, BrewDog
  • “Just want to say I’m so blown away with the new pack. I’ve got it printed, cut, stuck and sitting next to me on the desk and I’m so fucking amped about the whole thing.
    Tom Baker, Mr. Black
  • “People love the design.
    Harry, Owner of De Beauvoir Deli
  • “I finished reviewing the document in its entirety, and it really is one of the best product presentation tools that I have seen. This is a very impressive manual and I think it will be a great tool for the sales force as a whole. This is also a perfect way to educate and enthuse sales reps that do not already have intimate knowledge and passion for Compass Box.
    Eric Timme, Premier Beverage Sales Representative
  • “Mr Black is setting a pace that the others need to follow. They need to be using design and branding to up their game.
    The Spirit Masters
  • “You know we got best in show right? Hells yeah.
    Tom Baker, Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur
  • “Feedback has been incredible so far. The overall core brand is doing some amazing things to allow me to speak to the right people and present this document. Really happy with it.
    Joe McGirr, The Boatyard Distillery
  • “I cannot rate Chris Edmunds highly enough. We have hired him and developed a strong and extremely valuable working relationship over almost 15 years.
    Louis de Rohan, Founder LDR Creative
  • “Chris is imaginative and creative. His ideas are innovative and he interprets ideas with sensitivity, boldness and energy. He is a fantastic designer in the broadest sense.
    Alice Kettle, Professor in Textile Arts at MMU
  • “We unveiled the George designs and hype reel to 200 people in our office yesterday and had the most insane applause ever! We were so proud to be standing there presenting the new avatar of George! It was enough to give anyone goose bumps. OMG it was unbelievable!
    Isheeta Gupta, Pernod Ricard
  • “Absolutely love the typography wayfinding installation that you've created in my town Walsall - looks amazing and it's so inspiring.
    Samantha Footman (via Twitter)
  • “Wow, Chris, that’s amazing!
    John Glaser, Founder & Whiskymaker, Compass Box
  • “These designs are absolutely beautiful…I love them.
    Simon Ford, The 86 Co.
  • “Simply Awesome!
    Rob Dann, Bedales
  • “HOLY FUCK! SOLD!! That top one for shit sure!
    David Carter, Restaurateur
  • “Maverick Drinks brings quality handcrafted spirits to the UK. We needed a design that reflected our entrepreneurial attitude and showed that we do things differently. UC captured that sentiment perfectly and worked with us to help us shape our identity and build a platform for growth. In fact, their work on the design concept and branding in the formative stages of our business helped define our mission and core ethos as the business has grown. We couldn't recommend their work more highly.
    Michael Vachon, Head of Brand Development, Maverick Drinks
  • “You are exemplary!
    Simon Shaw, BrewDog
  • “Cool Factor Grade A. I have been a fan of Fords Gin since its release finding the trifecta of smart packaging, optimal price point, and undeniable quality and pleasure to be a winning formula.
  • “Chris and his team at United Creatives are the epitome of efficiency.
    Nicole Walshaw, The London Distillery Co.
  • “It's been an absolute pleasure working with you all... Sincere thanks from both Scott and myself for all your fantastic efforts over the last month, it's hugely appreciated.
    Robert Aspland, Director, LDA Design
  • “I can't begin to tell you how good the Decadence bottle looks. And that is before the letterpress. You and Steve are genii.
    Chris Maybin, Compass Box Whisky
  • “Dodd's Gin - it's a design we just can't stop looking at.
  • “United Creatives have produced a rather beautiful label for Dodd’s Gin, inspired by trigonometry, geometry and engineering diagrams.
    Creative Review
  • “That is one awesome looking site, cheers guys! Dogs bollocks!
    Simon Shaw, BrewDog
  • “Tequila Sagrado label is good to go…what an an amazing label! We finally got there.
    Simon Ford, The 86 Co.
  • “How the fuck do you guys work so quickly?
    Like these. Like flexibility. Like visually.
    Simon Shaw, BrewDog
  • “Got a fucking hard-on for this one now!
    David Carter, Smokestak
  • “This (brand guidelines) looks really good. Great content and executed beautifully.
    Conrad Paxton, CafePod
  • “Just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with you and I am happy to see so many cool designs coming from your agency!
    Liepa Olsauskaite, Pernod Ricard
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